Welcome Parents!

We are KOF, Kids of Faith. As staff, we love teaching children about God's word and the relationship He wants with them. Every time we meet, our goal is to connect with your children and to show them how much God truly loves them.

Ages 0-11


Here at COF, we have built and remolded the older church building into a complete children center with comfortable classrooms, equipped with restrooms and a nursery. We have an amazing staff to watch, care for and teach your children. We believe that the next generation should have the bases of The Word of God with them. 

We also provide snacks for them! We have a nursery for the younger aged children and resources for them to use during class times. 

Pastors Day

What We Do!

Here are a couple pictures of recent activities we have had for the children. 

  • Pastors Day
  • Christmas Service
  • VBS 2019

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